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Physical Therapist Assistant, A.A.S.

The Physical Therapist Assistant, AAS degree program is granted by Metropolitan Community College, but coordinated at JCCC.

The physical therapist assistant, under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist, performs direct patient care. The therapist uses physical agents such as heat, light, sound, water, cold, massage, exercise and rehabilitation techniques as prescribed by a physician. The Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education accredits the program.

The JCCC physical therapist assistant program is offered to Johnson County residents in cooperation with MCC-Penn Valley Community College. The support courses are held at JCCC. All the clinical courses are held at MCC-Penn Valley and affiliated clinical agencies. You must be accepted as a student at JCCC and accepted into the program at MCC-Penn Valley. Consult with a JCCC counselor for more information.

Program courses and credit hours are subject to change because of requirement changes at the degree-granting institution. Contact MCC-Penn Valley Community College at 816-604-4241 for an application packet, which includes deadlines, program prerequisites and admission requirements. Visit

Note: Johnson County Community College students should seek specific counsel from the MCC program personnel for the appropriate course plan and numbers.

Johnson County Community College students should refer to Cooperative Program Information.

Degree granted by Metropolitan Community College

Associate of Applied Science Degree

General Education Requirements-must be taken at JCCC

ENGL 121Composition I*3
SPD 121Public Speaking3
PSYC 130Introduction to Psychology3

American Institutions

Select one of the following:3
U.S. History to 1877
U.S. History Since 1877
Political Science
American National Government
State and Local Government

Prerequisite Courses-must be taken at JCCC

CHEM 122Principles of Chemistry*5
HC 130Medical Terminology for Healthcare Professions3

Specific Program Requirements-must be taken at JCCC

Option 1
BIOL 144
  & BIOL 145
Human Anatomy and Physiology*
   and Human Anatomy and Physiology Dissection*
Option 2
BIOL 140
  & BIOL 225
Human Anatomy
   and Human Physiology*

Specific Program Requirements-taken at MCC-Penn Valley

COLL 100First Year Seminar1
POLS 153The Missouri Constitution1
PTHA 151Introduction to Physical Therapy2
EMS 100Basic Emergency Patient Care1
PTHA 152Physical Therapy Fundamentals I4
PTHA 153Kinesiology4
PTHA 154Applied Neurology2
PTHA 155Rehabilitation4
PTHA 158Therapeutic Exercise4
PTHA 159Orthopedic Pathology2
PTHA 160Medical Diseases2
PTHA 161Physical Therapy Fundamentals II4
PTHA 162Clinical Experience I2
PTHA 164Pediatrics and Gerontology2
PTHA 170Clinical Experience II2
PTHA 171Clinical Seminar2
PTHA 172Clinical Experience II12

Total Program Hours: 77-79