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Administrative Assistant with Medical Emphasis, A.A.S.

This degree program prepares students to pursue an administrative career in the medical profession. The program combines training in the business office and computer skills with specialized course work unique to the medical profession. Both beginning students and employed medical personnel will find this program invaluable for careers in a medical office environment.

(Major Code 2790; State CIP Code 51.0710)

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Prerequisite for Required Courses

Note: Prior to beginning the program, the student must take the following prerequisite, or have taken the equivalent transfer course, or have passed the waiver test, or have have obtained a waiver from the program administrator.

BOT 105Keyboarding and Formatting I3

First Semester

BOT 103Business English3
BOT 106Intro to Business Computer Applications*3
HC 130Medical Terminology for Healthcare Professions3
BOT 130Office Systems Concepts3
ENGL 121Composition I*3
Health and/or Physical Education Elective ^1
Total Hours16

Health and/or Physical Education Elective

Second Semester

BOT 155Word Processing Application I*2
BOT 141Electronic Health Records*3
BOT 150Records Management*3
BOT 115Electronic Calculators1
MATH 120Business Mathematics*3
BUS 225Human Relations3
BOT 180Business Spreadsheet Applications*1
or BOT 185 Business Database Applications*
Total Hours16

Third Semester

BOT 122Medical Keyboarding*1
BOT 142Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare3
BOT 125Document Formatting*1
ACCT 111Small Business Accounting3
or ACCT 121 Accounting I
BOT 255Word Processing Applications II*2
BUS 150Business Communications*3
Humanities Electives ^3
Total Hours16

Humanities Electives

Fourth Semester

BOT Electives (see below)2
ECON 132Survey of Economics3
or ECON 230 Economics I
BOT 170Medical Coding and Billing*3
BOT 205Professional Image Development1
BOT 265Computerized Office Applications*3
BOT 275Office Internship I*1
BUS 140Principles of Supervision3
or BUS 141 Principles of Management
Total Hours16

BOT Electives

BOT 110Skillbuilding I*1
BOT 118Skillbuilding II*1
BOT 180Business Spreadsheet Applications*1
BOT 185Business Database Applications*1
BOT 280Office Internship II*1

 Total Program Hours: 64