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Database Certificate

Completion of this certificate, offered through the computer information systems program, will help to prepare students for future careers as database specialists or for one of many other information systems careers in which knowledge of database concepts, products and technologies is important. Students will be able to design and build personal databases using Access. The student will acquire a strong foundational knowledge in an object- oriented programming language (Visual Basic) and will work with Web-enabled databases, SQL and other database products, as well as attaining formal systems analysis and design skills.

(Major Code 5190; State CIP Code 11.0802)

Prerequisites for Required Courses

Prior to beginning the database certificate program, the student must take the following prerequisite or have taken an equivalent transfer course, or have passed the waiver test, or have obtained a waiver from the program administrator.

CPCA 105Introduction to Personal Computers: Windows1
or CPCA 106 Introduction to Personal Computers: Macintosh

First Semester

Full Semester Course:
CS 134Programming Fundamentals4
First Five Week Session:
CPCA 114Databases I: MS Access*1
Second Five Week Session:
CPCA 115Databases II: MS Access*2
CWEB 101Introduction to the Web using Internet Explorer*1
Third Five Week Session:
CPCA 141Internet I*1
Total Hours9

Second Semester

Full Semester Course:
CS 201Concepts of Programming Algorithms using C#*4
or CS 205 Concepts of Programming Algorithms using Java*
First Five Week Session:
CPCA 138Windows for Microcomputers*1
Second Five Week Session:
CWEB 136Introduction to PHP*1
Third Five Week Session:
CWEB 146PHP with MySQL*1
CPCA 117Databases III: MS Access*1
Total Hours8

Third Semester

Full Semester Courses:
CIS 162Database Programming*4
CS 236Object-Oriented Programming Using C#*4
or CIS 244
or CIS 240 Advanced Topics in Java*
Total Hours8

Fourth Semester

Full Semester Courses:
CIS 260Database Management*4
CIS 242Introduction to System Design and Analysis*3
Total Hours7

Total Program Hours: 32