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Interior Design Sales Certificate

The interior design sales certificate is a program designed for students employed in or seeking positions in the retail or wholesale interior design market.

Faculty have worked in the field, which equips them to offer valuable firsthand knowledge of what it takes to succeed.

Note: Metropolitan Community College students should seek specific counsel from the JCCC program personnel for the appropriate course plan and numbers.

Metropolitan Community College students should refer to Cooperative Program Information.

Note: Some prerequisite courses for the Interior Design programs require a “C” or higher to be awarded the AAS degrees and certificates.

Suggested/Sample Course Sequence

The sequence taken by the student may vary depending on prerequisites, course availability, and personal/ professional responsibilities.

(Major Code 6540; State CIP Code 50.0408)

First Semester

ITMD 121Interior Design I3
ITMD 125Interior Textiles3
ITMD 132Materials and Resources3
MATH 120Business Mathematics* (or higher)3
MKT 134Professional Selling3
ITMD 282Interiors Internship I*1
Total Hours16

Second Semester

MKT 121Retail Management3
ITMD 271Budgeting and Estimating*3
ITMD 284Interiors Internship II*1
BUS 150Business Communications*3
or PSYC 130 Introduction to Psychology
DRAF 164Architectural Drafting/Residential Interior Design3
Total Hours13

Total Program Hours: 29