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Health Information Technology, A.A.S.

The Health Information Technology, AAS degree program is granted by Metropolitan Community College, but coordinated at JCCC.

A health information technician has the technical skills needed to maintain the components of health information systems consistent with the medical, administrative, ethical, legal accreditation and regulatory requirements of the health care delivery system. Area hospitals and a variety of other health facilities in the community offer field experience in all procedures performed by the health information technician. When the 70-72 credit-hour program has been completed and the associate of applied science degree obtained, you will be eligible to take the accreditation examination of the American Association of Health Information Management.

Health information technology is a cooperative program between JCCC and MCC-Penn Valley Community College for Johnson County residents. You must be accepted as a student at JCCC and accepted into the program by MCC-Penn Valley. Consult with a JCCC counselor for more information.

Program courses and credit hours are subject to change because of requirement changes at the degree-granting institution. Contact MCC-Penn Valley Community College at 816-604-4245 for an application packet, which includes deadlines, program prerequisites and admission requirements.

Note: Johnson County Community College students should seek specific counsel from the MCC program personnel for the appropriate course plan and numbers.

Johnson County Community College students should refer to Cooperative Program Information.

Health Information Technology

Degree granted by Metropolitan Community College

Associate of Applied Science Degree

General Education Requirements-must be taken at JCCC

Elective (PSYC 130-Intro to Psych strongly recommended)3
BIOL 144Human Anatomy and Physiology*5
BIOL 227Human Pathophysiology*4
ENGL 121Composition I*3
SPD 121Public Speaking3

American Institutions

Select one of the following:3
U.S. History to 1877
U.S. History Since 1877
Political Science
American National Government
State and Local Government

Specific Program Requirements-must be taken at JCCC

CIS 124Introduction to Computer Concepts and Applications3

Specific Program Requirements-taken at MCC-Penn Valley

COLL 100First Year Seminar1
POLS 153The Missouri Constitution1
HITE 101Intro to Health Information Technology Profession2
HITE 102Health Records Systems, Analysis and Control3.5
HITE 103Medical Terminology for Health Records3
HITE 106Health Care Statistics3
HITE 108Legal Aspects of Health Info Tech Profession2
HITE 109Professional Practice I2.5
HITE 110Pharmacology1.5
HITE 200Introduction to Classification Systems1
HITE 201Quality Management3
HITE 202Class Systems/Nomenclatures/Indexes & Registers I4
HITE 203Professional Practice II2
HITE 207Class System/Nomenclatures/Indexes & Registers II3
HITE 208Professional Practice III2
HITE 210Class Systems/Nomenclatures for Ambulatory Care3
HITE 211Organization/Administration in Heath Information3
HITE 214Introduction to Healthcare Reimbursement3
HITE 216Technology for Health Information3

Total Program Hours: 70.5