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Computer Aided Drafting Certificate

This certificate makes it possible for those students who already have a drafting or engineering degree, or those who have sufficient work experience, to obtain certification in CAD.

Suggested/Sample Course Sequence

The sequence taken by the student may vary depending on prerequisites, course availability, and personal/professional responsibilities.

(Major Code 4800; State CIP Code 15.1302)

Prerequisite for Required Course

DRAF 120Introduction to Drafting2
DRAF 135Graphic Analysis*3
Select one of the following5
Interpreting Architectural Drawings
   and Architectural Design and Drafting*
Interpreting Machine Drawings*
   and Mechanical Design and Drafting*

First Semester

DRAF 130Introduction to CAD Concepts - AutoCAD*3
Total Hours3

Second Semester

DRAF 230Intermediate CAD: AutoCAD*3
DRAF 143Introduction to BIM Building Information Modeling*2
or DRAF 145 Introduction to Parametric Design: Inventor*
Total Hours5

Third Semester

DRAF 243Advanced BIM: Revit*2
or DRAF 245 Advanced Parametric Design: Inventor*
Total Hours2

Total Program Hours: 10