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Esthetics Certificate

Theory and skill development in sanitation, skin sciences, skin treatments, waxing, makeup and business practices are offered. Upon completion of this program, students are prepared for the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology for Estheticians licensure written and practical exams. Admission requires an esthetics application, interview and a reading comprehension test. Contact the salon at 913-469-2390 for additional information.

This program requires a professional liability insurance fee to have been paid within the year. Students will be notified via their JCCC student e-mail account if they have not paid the required $16 fee. The dollar amount for fees is subject to change.

(Major Code 372A; State CIP Code 12.0409)

Fall Semester

CO 120Esthetics*7
CO 121Esthetics Lab*6
CO 122Esthetics Clinical*2
Total Hours15

Spring Semester

CO 127Intermediate Esthetics*7
CO 128Intermediate Esthetics Lab*6
CO 129Intermediate Esthetics Clinical*2
Total Hours15

Summer Semester

CO 134Esthetics Essentials*2
CO 135Esthetics Essentials Lab*2
CO 136Esthetics Essentials Clinical*1
Total Hours5

Fall Semester

CO 141Advanced Esthetics*5
CO 142Advanced Esthetics Lab*2
CO 143Advanced Esthetics Clinical*2
Total Hours9

Total Program hours: 44