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Entrepreneurship, A.A.S.

The small business sector is one of the fastest growing in the nation’s economy. With an ever-increasing number of adults today self-employed, many residents in Johnson County either work for a small business or plan to start their own. JCCC’s entrepreneurship program can help prospective entrepreneurs launch new ventures or, if you are an entrepreneur who already has your business established, you can strengthen your managerial and business skills to grow your business.

You will learn the fundamentals of starting and operating your own business. The program includes basic business skills as well as specific courses in starting and managing an entrepreneurial business. Course work covers evaluating a business opportunity, preparing a business plan, legal issues for small business, planning advertising and sales promotions, marketing a product or service, developing an accounting system and financial management for the entrepreneurial company.

You also will complete two internships in a small business. You can apply what you learn in the classroom to your job and take your work experiences back to the classroom for analysis.

(Major Code 2340; State CIP Code 52.0701)

First Semester

ENTR 120Introduction to Entrepreneurship2
ENTR 130Entrepreneurial Mindset3
ENGL 121Composition I*3
MATH 120Business Mathematics*3
SPD 120Interpersonal Communication3
Health and/or Physical Education Elective ^1
Total Hours15

Health and/or Physical Education Elective

Second Semester

ENTR 180Opportunity Analysis2
MKT 134Professional Selling3
ACCT 111Small Business Accounting3
or ACCT 121 Accounting I
MKT 230Marketing3
BUS 175Business Professional Skills3
MKT 202Consumer Behavior3
ENTR 210Entrepreneurship Internship I*1
Total Hours18

Third Semester

ENTR 131Financial Management for Small Business*2
ENTR 160Legal Issues for Small Business2
ENTR 225Family Business3
or ENTR 195 Franchising*
or ENTR 185 Fundamentals of Direct Sales
BUS 150Business Communications*3
ENTR 215Entrepreneurship Internship II*1
MKT 205eMarketing3
BUS 225Human Relations3
Total Hours17

Fourth Semester

ENTR 220Entrepreneurial Marketing*2
ENTR 142Fast Trac Business Plan3
ECON 132Survey of Economics3
or ECON 230 Economics I
or ECON 231 Economics II
HIST 141U.S. History Since 18773
Select one of the following:4
Introduction to Computer Concepts and Applications (AND CPCA/CDTP elective and a 1-hour CPCA/CDTP elective - not including CPCA 105 or CPCA 106)
CPCA/CDTP electives (4)
Total Hours15

Courses of Interest

Students may be interested in taking additional courses, as noted below, to complement their degree study. These courses are NOT part of the degree requirements.

BUS 120Management Attitudes and Motivation3
BUS 123Personal Finance3
BUS 235Introduction to International Business3
BUS 141Principles of Management3
BUS 243Human Resource Management3
BUS 261Business Law I*3
BUS 263Business Law II*3
CPCA 105Introduction to Personal Computers: Windows1
CPCA 108Word Processing I: MS Word*1
CPCA 110Spreadsheets I: MS Excel*1
CPCA 111Spreadsheets II: MS Excel*1
CPCA 114Databases I: MS Access*1
CPCA 115Databases II: MS Access*2
CPCA 141Internet I*1
CPCA 151Internet II*1
FASH 231Merchandising Planning and Control*3
HMGT 121Perspectives of Hospitality Management3
MKT 121Retail Management3
MKT 234Services Marketing*3

Total Program Hours: 65