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Cultural Diversity Courses Associate of Arts

These courses fulfill the cultural diversity requirements for the Associate of Arts (AA) degree. Please refer to your specific degree for a list of all requirements.

Cultural Diversity Courses

ADMJ 223The World of Crime*3
ANTH 125Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 130World Cultures3
ANTH 134Native Americans3
ANTH 135American Indian Artistic Tradition3
ANTH 142World Prehistory3
ANTH 146Archaeology of Ancient North America3
ANTH 150People and Cultures of Mesoamerica3
ARTH 186Art History: Introduction to Asian Art3
BIOL 132Introduction to Public Health3
BUS 235Introduction to International Business3
ENGL 215U.S. Latino and Latina Literature*3
ENGL 217Literature by Women*3
ENGL 244Literature of American Popular Music*3
FL 111Ancient Greek Readings and Grammar*5
FL 145Field Study in Russian Language Culture2
GEOS 145World Regional Geography3
HC 125International Awareness Field Study2
HIST 135Eastern Civilization3
HIST 137African American Studies3
HIST 150Islam: Religion Civilization3
HIST 151World History I: Traditional World3
HIST 152World History II: Modern World3
HIST 160Modern Russian History3
HIST 162Modern Latin America3
HIST 167Introduction to History: Japan3
HIST 195History of the Middle East3
HUM 137Introduction to Russian Culture3
HUM 145Introduction to World Humanities I3
HUM 146Introduction to World Humanities II3
HUM 150Islam: Religion Civilization3
HUM 156Contemporary Approaches to World Mythology3
HUM 165Introduction to Chinese Culture3
INTR 145Introduction to the Deaf Community*3
JOUR 220International Media3
MUS 126Introduction to World Music3
PHIL 142History of Asian Philosophy3
POLS 132Introduction to Comparative Government3
POLS 135International Relations3
POLS 200Model United Nations3
PSYC 205Human Sexuality*3
PSYC 220Social Psychology*3
REL 120Exploring World Religions3
REL 125Religions of the East3
REL 126Religions of the West3
REL 150Islam: Religion Civilization3
SOC 122Introduction to Sociology3
SOC 125Social Problems3
SOC 146Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare3
SOC 165Chinese Society: Past and Present3
SOC 240Sociology of Community3
SPD 180Intercultural Communication3
WGS 201Global Women's Studies3
WGS 220The Many Women of Islam3