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Global Issues/Diversity Associate of General Studies

These courses fulfill the global issues/diversity requirements for the Associate of General Studies (AGS) degree. Please refer to the AGS page for a list of all requirements.

Global Issues/Diversity
ADMJ 127Criminology3
ANTH 125Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 130World Cultures3
ANTH 134Native Americans3
ARTH 186Art History: Introduction to Asian Art3
BIOL 130Environmental Science3
BIOL 131Environmental Science Lab*1
BUS 235Introduction to International Business3
ENGL 217Literature by Women*3
FL 116Elementary Latin I3
FL 117Elementary Latin II*3
FL 120Elementary German I5
FL 121Elementary German II*5
FL 130Elementary Spanish I5
FL 131Elementary Spanish II*5
FL 133Basic Spanish for Hospitality Management2
FL 140Elementary French I5
FL 141Elementary French II*5
FL 150Elementary Russian I5
FL 151Elementary Russian II*5
FL 160Elementary Italian I5
FL 161Elementary Italian II*5
FL 165Elementary Chinese I5
FL 166Elementary Chinese II*5
FL 170Elementary Japanese I5
FL 171Elementary Japanese II*5
FL 175Elementary Brazilian Portuguese I5
FL 176Elementary Brazilian Portuguese II*5
FL 223Conversational German*2
FL 234Conversational Spanish*2
FL 246Conversational Russian*2
HC 125International Awareness Field Study2
HIST 128Medieval History3
HIST 135Eastern Civilization3
HIST 137African American Studies3
HIST 151World History I: Traditional World3
HIST 152World History II: Modern World3
HIST 160Modern Russian History3
HIST 162Modern Latin America3
HUM 137Introduction to Russian Culture3
HUM 145Introduction to World Humanities I3
HUM 146Introduction to World Humanities II3
INTR 145Introduction to the Deaf Community*3
MUS 126Introduction to World Music3
POLS 122Political Science3
POLS 132Introduction to Comparative Government3
POLS 135International Relations3
POLS 200Model United Nations3
RDG 127College Reading Skills*3
REL 120Exploring World Religions3
REL 125Religions of the East3
REL 126Religions of the West3
SOC 125Social Problems3
SPD 180Intercultural Communication3

Total Program Hours: 3