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Health and/or Physical Education Associate of Arts

These courses fulfill the health and/or physical education requirements for the Associate of Arts (AA) degree. Please refer to your specific degree for a list of all requirements.

Health and/or Physical Education
HPERAny Activity Course/Lifetime Fitness1
EMS 121CPR I - Basic Life Support for Healthcare Provider1
BIOL 132Introduction to Public Health3
HMEC 151Nutrition and Meal Planning3
HPER 192Wellness for Life1
HPER 200First Aid and CPR2
HPER 202Personal Community Health3
HPER 255Introduction to Physical Education3

NOTE: The following HPER courses do NOT meet the general education requirement for Health and/or Physical Education

HPER 174Coaching and Officiating of Track and Field2
HPER 195Introduction to Sports Medicine3
HPER 198Athletic Training Practicum I1
HPER 204Care and Prevention of Athletic Injury3
HPER 207Athletic Training Practicum 2*2
HPER 208Introduction to Exercise Physiology3
HPER 220Sports Officiating3
HPER 224Outdoor Recreation3
HPER 245Elementary Physical Education3