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Health and/or Physical Education Associate of Applied Science

These courses fulfill the health and/or physical education requirements for the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. Please refer to your specific degree for a list of all requirements.

Health and/or Physical Education
HPERAny acticity Course/Lifetime Fitness1
EMS 121CPR I - Basic Life Support for Healthcare Provider1
BIOL 132Introduction to Public Health3
HMEC 151Nutrition and Meal Planning3
HPER 192Wellness for Life1
HPER 200First Aid and CPR2
HPER 202Personal Community Health3

NOTE: The following HPER courses do NOT meet the general education requirement for Health and/or Physical Education:

HPER 174Coaching and Officiating of Track and Field2
HPER 195Introduction to Sports Medicine3
HPER 198Athletic Training Practicum I1
HPER 204Care and Prevention of Athletic Injury3
HPER 207Athletic Training Practicum 2*2
HPER 208Introduction to Exercise Physiology3
HPER 220Sports Officiating3
HPER 224Outdoor Recreation3
HPER 245Elementary Physical Education3

Total Program Hours: 1