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Science and Mathematics Associate of Science

These courses fulfill the science and mathematics requirements for the Associate of Science (AS) degree. Please refer to your specific degree for a list of all requirements.

Must include at least one course in mathematics and at least one in a lab science.

A. Mathematics
MATH 116Intermediate Algebra*3
MATH 118Geometry*3
MATH 120Business Mathematics*3
MATH 130Technical Mathematics I*3
MATH 131Technical Mathematics II*3
MATH 165Finite Mathematics*3
MATH 171College Algebra*3
MATH 172Trigonometry*3
MATH 173Precalculus*5
MATH 175Discrete Mathematics and its Applications*3
MATH 181Statistics*3
MATH 225Mathematics as a Decision Making Tool*3
MATH 231Business and Applied Calculus I*3
MATH 232Business and Applied Calculus II*3
MATH 241Calculus I*5
MATH 242Calculus II*5
MATH 243Calculus III*5
MATH 254Differential Equations*4
A Science
BIOL 121Introductory Biology for Non-Majors4
BIOL 124Oceanus: Essentials of Oceanography3
BIOL 125General Botany5
BIOL 127General Zoology5
BIOL 130Environmental Science3
BIOL 131Environmental Science Lab*1
BIOL 134Principles of Sustainability3
BIOL 135Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology4
BIOL 140Human Anatomy4
BIOL 150Biology of Organisms*5
BIOL 225Human Physiology*4
BIOL 230Microbiology*3
BIOL 231Microbiology Lab*2
ASTR 120Fundamentals of Astronomy3
ASTR 122Astronomy4
CHEM 120Chemistry in Society*4
CHEM 122Principles of Chemistry*5
CHEM 124General Chemistry I Lecture*4
CHEM 125General Chemistry I Lab1
CHEM 131General Chemistry II Lecture*4
CHEM 132General Chemistry II Lab*1
CHEM 140Principles of Organic Biological Chemistry*5
GEOS 130General Geology5
GEOS 140Physical Geography3
GEOS 141Physical Geography Lab*2
GEOS 145World Regional Geography3
PHYS 130College Physics I*5
PHYS 131College Physics II*5
PHYS 220Engineering Physics I*5
PHYS 221Engineering Physics II*5
PSCI 120Physical Science4

Total Program Hours: 12