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The Arts Associate of General Studies

These courses fulfill the arts requirements for the Associate of General Studies (AGS) degree. Please refer to your specific degree for a list of all requirements.

The Arts
ARTH 180Art History: Ancient to Renaissance3
ARTH 182Art History: Renaissance to Modern3
ARTH 184Art History: Twentieth Century3
ARTH 188History of Photography3
FL 178Intermediate Russian I*3
FL 179Intermediate Russian II*3
FL 192Intermediate Chinese I*3
FL 193Intermediate Chinese II*3
FL 220Intermediate German I*3
FL 221Intermediate German II*3
FL 230Intermediate Spanish I*3
FL 231Intermediate Spanish II*3
FL 240Intermediate French I*3
FL 241Intermediate French II*3
HUM 122Introduction to Humanities3
HUM 145Introduction to World Humanities I3
HUM 146Introduction to World Humanities II3
HUM 155Classical Mythology3
MUS 121Introduction to Music Listening3
MUS 125Introduction to Jazz Listening3
MUS 126Introduction to World Music3
THEA 120Introduction to Theater3

Total Program Hours: 3