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IV Therapy for LPNs Certificate

This 48-hour course is designed to prepare the student for clients who require intravenous fluid therapy. This course meets the Kansas requirements for nurses seeking certification in IV therapy.

During this course, you will review basic physiology of the circulatory system and learn principles of site selection for veins appropriate to assess for IV therapy. A pharmacology review will include action, interaction, breakdown and allergic responses to medications commonly administered via the intravenous route. Principles of infection control, correct legal documentation and calculation of infusion rates will be taught. Equipment and supplies routinely used to initiate and administer IV therapy will be used in instruction. You will use the laboratory setting to demonstrate the basic skills of initiating intravenous therapy along with clinical sessions in a hospital setting.

At the conclusion of the class, a comprehensive written exam will be administered. Upon successful completion of the exam, the Kansas State Board of Nursing will be notified and the individual’s nursing license will be updated to reflect IV certification.

Copies of the following are required at the first class: Current LPN License, documentation of current Professional Liability Insurance-standard policy, current CPR for Health Care Provider card and documentation of a current negative TB skin test or negative blood test. Enrollment in this course requires a professional liability fee of $16.00. This fee is required once per calendar year based on enrollment in selected courses, and is due prior to the start of classes.  Students will be notified via JCCC Student email account if they are required to pay a $16 fee.

(Major Code 3640; State CIP Code 51.3901)

Required Course

AVHO 115IV Therapy for LPNs*3
Total Hours3

Total Program Hours: 3