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Interior Design Advanced Certificate

This certificate is designed for students who wish to be certified or registered interior designers. Students must have completed the Interior Design AAS degree.

Faculty have worked in the field, which equips them to offer valuable firsthand knowledge of what it takes to succeed.
JCCC's interior design program is recognized by the National Kitchen and Bath Association as an NKBA Accredited program.

Note: Metropolitan Community College students should seek specific counsel from the JCCC program personnel for the appropriate course plan and numbers.

Metropolitan Community College students should refer to Cooperative Program Information.

Note: Some prerequisite courses for the Interior Design programs require a “C” or higher to be awarded the AAS degrees and certificates.

Suggested/Sample Course Sequence

The sequence taken by the student may vary depending on prerequisites, course availability, and personal/ professional responsibilities.

(Major Code 4100; State CIP Code 50.0408)

First Semester

ITMD 2253
DRAF 230Intermediate CAD: AutoCAD*3
or ART 129 Design Color*
ITMD 2233
Total Hours9

Second Semester

Art Elective (see list below)3
Interior Design Elective (see list below)3
ITMD 219Issues in Interior Design*3
ITMD 2343
Total Hours12

Art/Art History Electives

ARTH 182Art History: Renaissance to Modern3
ART 124Design 2D*3
ART 127Design 3D*3

Interior Design Electives

ITMD 127Elements of Floral Design1
ITMD 1431
ITMD 175Advanced Floral Design*1
ITMD 2501
ITMD 295Field Study: Interior Design*3

Total Program Hours: 21