JCCC Courses Funded by the Excel in Career and Technical Education (CTE) Initiative 

The Kansas State Senate passed Excel in CTE in May 2012. This bill authorizes JCCC to waive the cost of tuition for high school students who meet JCCC Kansas residency requirements for enrollment in any tiered career technical course aligned to an approved Workforce Development program. Textbook, program fees and any other additional fees may apply.

Early College Excel in CTE web page

The following courses have been identified as eligible courses. All admission and registration requirements are applicable. 

ACCT 111Small Business Accounting3
ACCT 121Accounting I3
ACCT 122Accounting II*3
ACCT 131Federal Income Taxes I3
ACCT 132Federal Income Taxes II*3
ACCT 137Accounting Applications - QuickBooks*3
ACCT 210Data Analytics for Accounting*3
ACCT 215Accounting for Nonprofit Organizations*3
ACCT 222Managerial Accounting*3
ACCT 231Intermediate Accounting I*3
ACCT 232Intermediate Accounting II*3
ACCT 240Fraud Examination*3
ACCT 278Accounting Internship*1
ACCT 285Accounting Capstone*3
AET 110Industrial Maintenance3
AET 120Industrial Fluid Power3
AET 122Industrial Code3
AET 140Actuator and Sensor Systems*3
AET 160Programmable Logic Controllers I*3
AET 185LAN Cabling and Installation3
AET 240Industrial Robotics*3
AET 255Motor Controls and Variable Frequency Drives*3
AET 260Programmable Logic Controllers II*3
ANI 130Motion Graphics and Effects*3
ASL 120Elementary American Sign Language I3
ASL 121Elementary American Sign Language II*3
ASL 122Intermediate American Sign Language I*3
ASL 123Intermediate American Sign Language II*3
ASL 135Intro to American Sign Language Linguistics*3
ASL 145Introduction to the Deaf Community*3
ASL 147Fingerspelling I*2
ASL 150American Sign Language Literature*3
AUTO 114Introduction to Automotive Practices4
AUTO 121Small Engine Service3
AUTO 129Brakes I*3
AUTO 131Brakes II*1
AUTO 150Steering and Suspension I*3
AUTO 151Alignment Practicum*1
AUTO 155Automotive Engine Repair*3
AUTO 156Electrical I*3
AUTO 161Engine Performance I*3
AUTO 162Electrical II*3
AUTO 205Engine Performance II*3
AUTO 207Manual Drivetrains and Axles*3
AUTO 211Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning*3
AUTO 214Electrical III*4
AUTO 215Engine Performance III*3
AUTO 237Diesel and Hybrid Vehicles Maintenance and Light Repair*3
AUTO 252Automatic Transmissions*3
AUTO 265Comprehensive Vehicle Diagnosis*3
AUTO 271Automotive Technology Internship*3
AVHO 102Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)5
AVHO 104Certified Medication Aide (CMA)*4
AVHO 106Home Health Aide (HHA)*1
AVHO 115IV Therapy for LPNs*3
BIOL 227Human Pathophysiology*4
BLAW 261Business Law I*3
BLAW 263Business Law II*3
BOT 130Business Office Procedures3
BOT 141Electronic Health Records Applications3
BOT 150Records Management*3
BOT 170Introduction to Medical Coding and Billing*3
BOT 275Office Internship*1
BUS 121Introduction to Business3
BUS 215Savings and Investments3
BUS 235Introduction to International Business3
BUS 241Principles of Management3
BUS 243Human Resource Management3
BUS 245Small Business Management3
CDTP 135Desktop Photo Manipulation I: Photoshop*1
CDTP 140Desktop Publishing I: InDesign*1
CDTP 190Applications for Visual Design*3
CIS 142Beginning Programming using Python4
CIS 204UNIX Scripting and Utilities*3
CIS 208Mobile Application Development*4
CIS 242Introduction to System Design and Analysis*3
CIS 260Database Management*4
CIS 264Application Development and Programming*4
CIS 270Information Systems Internship*3
CIS 275Web-Enabled Database Programming*4
CMGT 100Industrial Safety/OSHA-303
CMGT 105Construction Methods3
CMGT 125Construction Specifications*2
CMGT 129Construction Management3
CMGT 150Construction Safety/OSHA-303
CMGT 160Green Building Fundamentals*3
CMGT 225Construction Documents*2
CS 134Programming Fundamentals4
CS 200Concepts of Programming Algorithms Using C++*4
CS 201Concepts of Programming Algorithms using C#*4
CS 202Concepts of Programming Algorithms using Python*4
CS 205Concepts of Programming Algorithms using Java*4
CS 210Discrete Structures I*3
CS 211Discrete Structures II*3
CS 235Object-Oriented Programming Using C++*4
CS 236Object-Oriented Programming Using C#*4
CS 250Basic Data Structures using C++*4
CS 252Basic Data Structures Using Python*4
CS 255Basic Data Structures Using Java*4
CSS 114Databases I: MS Access*1
CSS 115Databases II: MS Access*2
CSS 120Computer User Support Skills*3
CSS 121Introduction to Project Management*1
CSS 138Operating Systems: Windows*1
CSS 140Digital Devices and Online Technologies*3
CSS 290Computer Support Specialist Internship*2
DHYG 121Clinical Dental Hygiene I: Pre-Clinic*5
DHYG 125Developmental Dentistry*2
DHYG 135Dental Materials*2
DHYG 140Clinical Dental Hygiene II*4
DHYG 142Dental Radiography*2
DHYG 146Periodontics*3
DHYG 148Dental Health Education*2
DHYG 221Clinical Dental Hygiene III*6
DHYG 225General and Oral Pathology*3
DHYG 232Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist*2
DHYG 234Local Anesthesia for the Dental Hygienist*1
DHYG 240Dental Public Health*2
DHYG 245Nitrous Oxide Analgesia*1
DHYG 250Clinical Dental Hygiene IV*6
DIET 100Foodservice Management for Dietary Managers3
DIET 275Dietary Managers Practicum*2
DRAF 120Introduction to Drafting2
DRAF 123Interpreting Machine Drawings*2
DRAF 129Interpreting Architectural Drawings2
DRAF 130Introduction to CAD Concepts - AutoCAD*3
DRAF 132Exploring AutoCAD3
DRAF 135Graphic Analysis*3
DRAF 142Exploring Autodesk Fusion 3602
DRAF 143Introduction to BIM Building Information Modeling*2
DRAF 145Introduction to Parametric Design: Inventor*2
DRAF 1523D Modeling with SketchUp2
DRAF 1623D Printing2
DRAF 211Engineering Design Problems*3
DRAF 222Mechanical Design and Drafting*3
DRAF 225Civil Drafting*3
DRAF 230Intermediate CAD: AutoCAD*3
DRAF 238Architectural Design and Drafting*3
DRAF 243Advanced BIM: Revit*2
DRAF 244Civil 3D*2
DRAF 245Advanced Parametric Design: Inventor*2
DRAF 246MicroStation for AutoCAD users*2
DRAF 247Revit Systems MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing)*2
DRAF 252Structural Design and Drafting*3
DRAF 264CAD:Interior Design*3
DRAF 271Drafting Internship I*3
DRAF 272Drafting Internship II*3
DS 220Data Visualization3
DS 230SQL for Data Analysis3
DS 240Introduction to Statistical Programming3
DS 260Data Mining*3
DS 280Big Data Architecture3
ELEC 120Introduction to Electronics3
ELEC 125Digital Electronics I4
ELEC 134DC Circuits*4
ELEC 186CompTIA A+ Core 13
ELEC 212Fundamentals of Light and Lasers*3
ELEC 227Digital Electronics II*4
ELEC 234AC Circuits*4
ELEC 235Digital Systems and Applications*4
ELEC 236Semiconductor Devices*4
ELEC 240Electronic Communication Systems*4
ELEC 251Laser Systems and Applications*3
ELEC 252Specialized Lasers and System Integration*3
ELEC 271Electronics Internship*1-3
ELTE 110AC/DC Circuits4
ELTE 115Print Reading2
ELTE 122National Electrical Code I4
ELTE 125Residential Wiring*4
ELTE 175Low Voltage Wiring*3
ELTE 200Commercial Wiring*4
ELTE 202Electrical Estimating*3
ELTE 211Solar Electric Systems*3
ELTE 220Heavy Commercial Wiring*3
ELTE 222National Electrical Code II*4
ELTE 230Industrial Wiring*3
ELTE 250Industrial Motor Applications*3
ELTE 270Electrical Internship*1-3
EMS 129Emergency Medical Responder*6
EMS 132Emergency Medical Technician*12
EMS 140Basic Cardiology and EKG Recognition*3
EMS 220Medic I*10
EMS 225Medic II*10
EMS 230Medic III Clinicals*12
EMS 271Medic IV Field Internship*15
ENTR 131Financial Management for Small Business*2
EVRN 134Principles of Sustainability3
FASH 121Fashion Fundamentals3
FASH 122Aesthetics for Merchandising and Design3
FASH 123Apparel Construction I4
FASH 125Visual Merchandising3
FASH 130Fashion Drawing3
FASH 133Computer Aided Apparel Design3
FASH 150Textiles for Fashion3
FASH 225Store Planning*3
FASH 231Merchandising Planning and Control*3
FASH 235Online Retailing3
FASH 242Product Knowledge for Merchandisers3
FASH 268Field Study: The Market Center*3
FASH 282Fashion Internship1
FASH 295Capstone: Merchandising and Marketing*3
FIRE 112Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations*3
FIRE 113Firefighter I*3
FIRE 114Firefighter II*3
FIRE 115Firefighter Practicum*3
FIRE 127Building Construction for the Fire Service*3
FIRE 133Fire Investigation*3
FIRE 136Fire and Emergency Management*3
FIRE 152Codes, Detection and Suppression Systems*3
FIRE 162Firefighting Tactics*3
FIRE 201Leadership in the Fire Service*3
FIRE 220Fire Management*3
FIRE 222Fire Science Law*3
FLR 130Principles of Traditional Design3
FLR 150Contemporary Design Styles3
FLR 200Plants for Interior Design3
FLR 220Wedding Design*3
FLR 250Special Event Designs*3
HC 130Medical Terminology for Healthcare Professions3
HCI 110Introduction to Interpreting*3
HCI 120Interpreting Skills I*3
HCI 130Interpreting Skills II*3
HCI 180Medical Interpreting Practicum*2
HCIS 235Care Coordination and Interoperable Health IT Systems2
HCIS 255Technology Concepts and Cybersecurity in Healthcare2
HCIS 263Working with Health Information Technology (HIT) Systems2
HCIS 264Configuration and Implementation of Electronic Health Records2
HCIS 265Installation and Maintenance of Health IT Systems2
HCIS 267EHR Design, Functionality and Usability3
HCIS 270Health Information Systems Internship*2
HCIS 272Terminology in Health Care Settings2
HCIS 273Quality Improvement in Healthcare2
HCIS 274Healthcare Workflow Analysis and Redesign2
HCIS 277Training and Instructional Design2
HMGT 120Food Service Sanitation1
HMGT 121Perspectives of Hospitality Management3
HMGT 123Professional Cooking I*3
HMGT 126Food Management*4
HMGT 130Hospitality Law3
HMGT 167Local Food Production3
HMGT 170Value-Added Production3
HMGT 203Hotel Sales and Marketing*3
HMGT 207Hospitality Human Resource Management*3
HMGT 220American Regional Cuisine*3
HMGT 221Design and Facilities Management*3
HMGT 223Fundamentals of Baking3
HMGT 226Garde Manger*3
HMGT 228Advanced Hospitality Management*3
HMGT 230Professional Cooking II*3
HMGT 231Advanced Food Preparation*4
HMGT 238Advanced Garde Manger*3
HMGT 240Advanced Baking*4
HMGT 248Confectionery Arts3
HMGT 250Introduction to Catering3
HMGT 265Front Office Management3
HMGT 268Hospitality Managerial Accounting*3
HMGT 270Meat and Fish Identification and Fabrication*3
HMGT 273Hospitality Cost Accounting*3
HMGT 279Beverage Control3
HMGT 281Culinary Arts Practicum I*2
HMGT 282Culinary Arts Practicum II*2
HMGT 285Culinary Arts Practicum III*2
HMGT 286Culinary Arts Practicum IV*2
HMGT 287Culinary Arts Practicum V*2
HMGT 288Culinary Arts Practicum VI*2
HMPB 155Pastry Shop Production I*4
HMPB 160Pastry Shop Principles I*4
HMPB 233Patisserie*4
HMPB 252Pastry Shop Business Basics I*3
HMPB 255Pastry Shop Production II*4
HMPB 257Sugar Basics*4
HMPB 260Pastry Shop Principles II*4
HMPB 262Pastry Shop Business Basics II*3
HORT 135Landscape Design3
HORT 140Turfgrass I3
HORT 150Fruits, Vegetables and Herb Crops2
HORT 160Garden Center Operations3
HORT 165Arboriculture3
HORT 201Introduction to Horticultural Science4
HORT 205Plant Propagation*3
HORT 214Woody Plants, Deciduous3
HORT 215Woody Plants, Evergreens3
HORT 220Herbaceous Plants3
HORT 225Plant Problems*3
HORT 235Landscape Maintenance and Techniques3
HORT 240Turfgrass II*3
HORT 255Pest Management3
HORT 260Horticulture Soils3
HORT 265Landscape Construction3
HORT 270Horticulture Internship*3
HVAC 105HVAC Fundamentals*4
HVAC 110Electrical Fundamentals*4
HVAC 136Heating System Fundamentals*3
HVAC 167Sheet Metal Layout and Fabrication*3
HVAC 188Load Calculation and Duct Design*3
HVAC 202Cooling Systems*4
HVAC 231HVAC Rooftop Units*3
HVAC 251HVAC Installation and Start-up Procedures*4
HVAC 278Advanced Electrical Systems*3
HVAC 280HVAC Internship*1-3
IT 120CompTIA A+ Core 23
IT 141Introduction to Networks3
IT 150Switching, Routing, and Wireless Essentials*3
IT 151VMware vSphere Essentials*3
IT 152Google Cloud Fundamentals*3
IT 153AWS Cloud Foundations*3
IT 155Microsoft Administration Fundamentals*3
IT 175Cybersecurity Fundamentals*3
IT 202IT Scripting*3
IT 204Enterprise Networking, Security and Automation*3
IT 206Network Security Fundamentals*3
IT 207AWS Cloud Operations*3
IT 223Azure Administration*3
IT 224Microsoft 365 Administration*3
IT 230Linux Fundamentals3
IT 231Linux Administration*3
IT 238Digital Forensics*3
IT 239Ethical Hacking*3
IT 257Cybersecurity Operations*3
IT 271Information Technology Internship I*3
IT 272Information Technology Internship II*3
ITMD 115Accessory Fundamentals1
ITMD 116Lighting Fundamentals1
ITMD 121Interior Design I3
ITMD 125Interior Textiles3
ITMD 127Elements of Floral Design1
ITMD 132Materials and Resources3
ITMD 164Architectural Drafting for Residential Interior Design3
ITMD 181Interior Design Software I*1
ITMD 182Interior Design Software II1
ITMD 202Interior Design II*3
ITMD 214Building Construction and Environmental Systems for the Interior Designer*3
ITMD 222Interior Design III*3
ITMD 224Interior Design IV*3
ITMD 230History of Interior Design I3
ITMD 231History of Interior Design II3
ITMD 235Kitchen and Bath Design*3
ITMD 270Interior Design Capstone*1
ITMD 271Budgeting and Estimating*3
ITMD 282Interiors Internship I*1
ITMD 284Interiors Internship II*1
LAW 120Introduction to Paralegal Studies3
MFAB 124Introduction to Welding3
MFAB 126Cutting Processes for Welding*3
MFAB 128Basic Machine Tool Technology3
MFAB 131Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) I*3
MFAB 133Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) I*3
MFAB 136Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) I*3
MFAB 140Maintenance Repair Welding*3
MFAB 180Blueprint and Symbols Reading for Welders2
MFAB 205Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) II*3
MFAB 210Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) II*3
MFAB 215Fabrication Practices I*3
MFAB 220Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW)*3
MFAB 240Metallurgy2
MFAB 241Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) II*3
MFAB 250Fabrication Practices II*3
MFAB 255Advanced Machine Tool Technology*3
MFAB 259Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) III*3
MFAB 271Metal Fabrication Internship*3
MIRM 140Fundamentals of Health Records2
MIRM 141Computer Systems for Health Information Management Professionals*3
MIRM 143Coding Classification Systems I*3
MIRM 144Coding Classification Systems II*3
MIRM 145Reimbursement Methodologies*3
MIRM 146Coding Classification Systems III*3
MIRM 147Introduction to Pharmacology*2
MIRM 148Medical Coding Internship*1
MKT 121Retail Management3
MKT 134Professional Selling3
MKT 146Introduction to Social Media Marketing3
MKT 180Experiential Marketing3
MKT 205eMarketing3
MKT 230Marketing3
MKT 240Advertising and Promotion3
NDT 125Introduction to Neurodiagnostic Technology*4
NDT 130Foundations of Neurodiagnostic Technology*3
NDT 135Pediatric Neurodiagnostic Technology I*5
NDT 140Adult Neurodiagnostic Technology I*4
NDT 145Pediatric Neurodiagnostic Technology II*4
NDT 150Neurodiagnostic Clinical Correlates*2
NDT 156Neurodiagnostic Clinical I*2
NDT 225Polysomnography*5
NDT 230Adult Neurodiagnostic Technology II*3
NDT 240Neurodiagnostic Clinical II*4
NDT 245Neurodiagnostic Related Modalities*3
NDT 256Polysomnography Clinical*4
NURS 101Foundational Concepts of Nursing I*9
NURS 102Health Assessment and Skills for Nursing Practice*3
NURS 105Foundational Concepts of Nursing II*9
NURS 155Transitional Concepts for the LPN to RN Role*6
NURS 201Complex Concepts of Nursing I*9
NURS 205Complex Concepts of Nursing II*9
PLUM 110Introduction to Plumbing Systems3
PLUM 125Residential Plumbing3
PLUM 130Print Reading and Estimating3
PLUM 140Backflow Preventers2
PLUM 210DWV and Water Distribution*3
PLUM 240Installation, Maintenance and Repair*3
PLUM 250Commercial Plumbing*3
PLUM 280Plumbing Internship*3
PN 125KSPN Foundations of Nursing*4
PN 126KSPN Foundations of Nursing Clinical*2
PN 130KSPN Nursing Care of Adults I*4
PN 136KSPN Fundamentals of Pharmacology and Safe Medication Administration*2
PN 140KSPN Maternal Child Nursing*2
PN 141KSPN Maternal Child Nursing Clinical*1
PN 145KSPN Mental Health Nursing*2
PN 150KSPN Nursing Care of Adults II*4
PN 155KSPN Care of Aging Adults*2
RC 120Respiratory Structure and Function*2
RC 124Fundamentals of Respiratory Care*6
RC 131Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics*3
RC 136Cardiopulmonary Diseases*3
RC 140Respiratory Care Pharmacology*2
RC 145Cardiopulmonary Critical Care I*5
RC 146Pediatric/Neonatal Respiratory Care*2
RC 255Cardiopulmonary Critical Care II*5
RC 265Respiratory Care Program Capstone*3
RC 271Respiratory Care Clinical Experience I*6
RC 272Respiratory Care Clinical Experience II*6
RRIT 132Thermite Welding*3
RRIT 136Rail and Switch Point Repair Welding*3
RRIT 142Structural Pile Welding*3
RRIT 145Frog Welding*3
RRIT 160Basic Welding*3
RRIT 162Structural Stick Welding*3
RRIT 164Structural Wire Welding*3
RRIT 166Mechanical Welding Air Brake Pipe*3
RRIT 168Sheet Metal Welding*3
RRT 150Railroad Operations3
RRT 165Railroad Safety, Quality and Environment3
RRTC 123Introduction to Conductor Service*4
RRTC 175Conductor Mechanical Operation*2
RRTC 261Conductor Service*2
RRTC 267Conductor Field Application*4
SAG 142Small Farm Business Planning and Management3
SAG 167Local Food Production3
SAG 170Value-Added Production3
SAG 205Agroecology in the Americas3
SAG 225On-Farm Plant Breeding3
SAG 245Principles of Sustainable Market Farming3
SAG 250Sustainable Food Systems*3
SAG 255Organic and Integrated Pest Management3
SAG 260Sustainable Soil Management3
SAG 272Sustainable Agriculture Fall Practicum2
SAG 274Sustainable Agriculture Spring Practicum2
SAG 276Sustainable Agriculture Summer Practicum2
SAG 285Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Internship*2
WEB 110HTML and CSS3
WEB 114Web Scripting: JavaScript I*2
WEB 120Web Analytics*3
WEB 121Digital Media Assets*4
WEB 122CSS Techniques & Projects*3
WEB 124Web Scripting: JavaScript II*2
WEB 125Digital Video Tools1
WEB 126Technical Interface Skills*3
WEB 128Server Scripting: PHP with MySQL*2
WEB 172WordPress I*1
WEB 225Advanced Digital Video Tools*1
WEB 234Web Apps I*3
WEB 236Content Management Systems Development*3
WEB 238Interactive Scripting: JQuery*4
WEB 239Introduction to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)*2
WEB 240HTML and CSS II*3
WEB 243Search Engine Optimization*1
WEB 245Motion Graphics Tools*1
WEB 290Web Development and Digital Media Capstone*3

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