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ART 235   Studio Workshop I (3 Hours)

This course involves advanced problems in painting (or drawing) with emphasis on individual expression based on historical as well as contemporary concerns and approaches in art. Prerequisite: ART 131 or ART 136.

Associate of Arts

is designed for students who plan to transfer to another college or university to earn a bachelors degree. requires a minimum of 60 college-level credit hours within specified categories with a 2.0 or higher GPA. requires the completion of a cultural diversity course from a list of approved courses. Some of the courses in this list will also meet humanities, social science or non-lab science requirements for this degree.

Associate of General Studies

...200 Women, Art, and Society 3 BIOL 131 Environmental Science Lab 1 BUS 235 Introduction...

Associate of Science

...186 Art History: Introduction to Asian Art Fiction 3 ENGL 235 Drama as Literature...

Associate of Applied Science Fiction 3 ENGL 235 Drama as Literature...D. Humanities ARTH 180 Art History: Ancient to...