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BIOL 144   Human Anatomy and Physiology* (5 Hours) nbsp;

Prerequisites: RDG 126 or College Reading Readiness.

This course provides basic knowledge on human structures and their function. Students will study the relationship of structures to function in the organ systems of the human body. Emphasis will be on the identification of the anatomical features and their functions. This course is integrated lecture and laboratory. 7 hrs. integrated lecture/lab/wk. The Open Anatomy Lab, 311 CLB, is available for students enrolled in Human Anatomy and Human Anatomy and Physiology classes at JCCC. Contact your professor, check the schedule outside of 311 CLB or call 913-469-8500, ext. 4124, for hours. A current student ID is required for using the Open Anatomy Lab.

Respiratory Care, AAS

...Semester CHEM 122 Principles of Chemistry* 5 BIOL 144 Human Anatomy and Physiology* 5 ENGL...