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BOT 150   Records Management* (3 Hours)

Prerequisites: BOT 106 or experience using Microsoft Access.

Methods for developing and controlling an office records management program will be discussed. Selection of equipment for active and inactive records will be covered, along with procedures for document, card and special records; microrecords; mechanized and automated records; and records storage, retention and transfer. Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to file documents using alphabetic, subject, consecutive numeric, terminal digit numeric and geographic filing systems using requisition charge out and transfer procedures. The student should be able to create a computer database for records management; enter, modify and delete records; print reports; and determine disposition of records filed alphabetically, numerically, by subject and geographically. The course will cover the identification of evaluation methods and standards for both staff and programs in a records management department. 3 hrs./wk. Note: An honors contract is available. Contact the Honors Program Office, COM 201, for more information.