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MATH 285   Statistics for Business* (4 Hours)

Prerequisites: MATH 231 or MATH 241 or an equivalent course with a grade of "C" or higher Note: Students transferring MATH 285 to the University of Kansas must have CIS 201 as a corequisite.

This is a beginning course in calculus-based statistical analysis with an emphasis on applications to business. The skill of making sense of raw data is important, and includes constructing graphical representations of data, developing models for making predictions, performing tests to determine significant change and finding intervals for population values. Students will learn the basics of descriptive statistics, probability, sampling, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, linear regression, and an introduction to quality control. Students must have an understanding of calculus concepts in order to successfully complete this course. 4 hrs. lecture/wk. Students transferring MATH 285 to KU must have CIS 201 as a corequisite.