Electronics Technology, AAS

Electronics technology influences almost every aspect of modern life. Skilled electronics technicians are needed to support growth in this industry. These technicians must be able to fabricate, test, install, operate, troubleshoot and maintain highly technical systems such as communications systems, computers and computer networks, industrial process control systems, and photonics systems.

The program focuses on the underlying principles of electronic devices, circuit analysis, and digital electronics and will provide a broad systems view of electronics.

Students in the electronics program will work with excellent facilities and some of the latest laboratory equipment.
Graduates of the program will have the opportunity for employment in one of today’s most challenging and exciting career fields.

(Major Code 2690; State CIP Code 47.0101)

Associate of Applied Science Degree

First Semester

ELEC 120Introduction to Electronics3
ELEC 125Digital Electronics I4
ELEC 186CompTIA A+ Essentials3
MATH 130Technical Mathematics I (or higher)3
ENGL 121Composition I3
Total Hours16

Second Semester

ELEC 134DC Circuits4
ELEC 225Digital Electronics II3
MATH 131Technical Mathematics II (or higher)3
CS 134Programming Fundamentals4
Social Science/Economics Elective^3
Total Hours17

Third Semester

Technical Elective (see below)3
ELEC 234AC Circuits4
ELEC 236Semiconductor Devices4
ELEC 235Microprocessors4
SPD 155Workplace Skills1
Total Hours16

Fourth Semester

Technical Elective (see below)6
HPER 200First Aid and CPR2
ELEC 240Electronic Communication Systems4
Humanities Elective^3
Total Hours15

Technical Electives

AET 140Actuator and Sensor Systems3
AET 160Programmable Logic Controllers I3
AET 240Industrial Robotics3
AET 260Programmable Logic Controllers II3
ELEC 127Robots for Humans4
ELEC 185LAN Cabling and Installation3
ELEC 212Fundamentals of Light and Lasers3
ELEC 250Microcomputer Maintenance3
ELEC 251Laser Systems and Applications3
ELEC 252Specialized Lasers and System Integration3
ELEC 271Electronics Internship I*1

Total Program Hours: 64